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Kids Interview 11-11

The class has 6 kids in first grade. Two of the kids have a bit of a head start (they studied here before they started first grade). Because of this, I would avoid individual competition. Team competition is OK (but don't put Yuki and Shu on the same team). Shu sometimes gets upset when he loses so keep an eye on things. Avoid pictionary.

They're on Unit 8 of SuperKids 1.

Please choose a topic from units 1-5. That way it will be review, but far enough back that you might have to introduce the material again. The unit topics are:

  • Unit 1 Classroom items (pencil, pen, notebook, etc)
  • Unit 2 Family members (mom, dad, grandpa/ma, big/little sister/brother)
  • Unit 3 Food / drink (chicken, rice, cake, tea, water, etc)
  • Unit 4 Actions (swim, ride a bike, juggle, etc)
  • Unit 5 Pets (cat, dog, snake, etc...) This one is almost too easy.

Each unit has 8 flashcards for vocabulary words or short phrases. You can use all of them or a subset. We only have one copy of each card, unfortunately. They also have 6 actions for TPR (no cards) and phonics, but I don't recommend those for an interview.

Your activity shouldn't require notebooks or writing. It should take 10 minute and include:

  1. Whatever you need to do to get an idea of their level and get them relaxed with you. I feel very strongly that activities need to be adjusted for the children and can't be set in stone before the lesson.

  2. Review the material and teach them the things they have forgotten. Try not to spend too much time on things they remember.

  3. Use the material. It should require them to do one of the following:

    • Listen to you and select the correct card (easiest)
    • Recognize the card you present and say the word (harder)
    • Say the word without the card (hardest). Ideally, they would be prompted by a real need: You ask them to write their name, they don't have a pencil, they say "pencil please". They used "pencil". This is tricky. I'm not sure I would recommend it for an interview, but it is important and often overlooked by teachers.
  4. An optional filler/transition activity (Simon says, hot potato, etc). Any easy topic is fine (colors, alphabet, numbers...). Only use this if you finish in under 10 minutes.